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HMAS Sydney II

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HMAS Sydney II named for the Australian city of Sydney, was one of three Modified Leander class light cruisers operated by the Royal Australian Navy RAN . Ordered for the Royal Navy as HMS Phaeton, the cruiser was purchased by the Australian government and renamed prior to her 1934 launch.

During the early part of her operational history, Sydney helped enforce sanctions during the Abyssinian crisis, and at the start of World War II was assigned to convoy escort and patrol duties in Australian waters. In May 1940, Sydney joined the British Mediterranean Fleet for an eight-month deployment, during which she sank two Italian warships, participated in multiple shore bombardments, and provided support to the Malta Convoys, while receiving minimal damage and no casualties. On her return to Australia in February 1941, Sydney resumed convoy escort and patrol duties in home waters.

On 19 November 1941, Sydney was involved in a mutually destructive engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, and was lost with all 645 aboard. The wrecks of both ships were lost until Sydney was found on 16th March 2008 approximately 207km 128 miles from the west coast Steep Point of Western Australia at a depth of approximately 2,468 metres.

This very special print is made up of a historic archival photograph of a number of the Sydney’s crew, the names of all 645 crewmembers and the coordinates of her final resting place.

Limited to 1941 in edition

Approximate Framed Size: 935 mm x 875 mm
Framed Price: $385.00 including delivery Australia wide
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