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Filthy Five

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Oscar Swarv is one of Australia's leading "blue" comedians, performing live shows throughout Australia for over 20 years - from standing on a keg to a 100 blokes at a “Pleasant Sunday Morning” through to crowds of 10000 plus at rock concerts.  Oscar’s style of humour has always been about the way it is – not how the politically correct think it should be – you’ll either love it or hate it – there is no middle ground

This set of discs is chock a block full of classic Aussie humour, directed straight at fair dinkum Aussies – not to the soft centred do-gooders who seem hell bent on destroying our unique values.

Ranging from gags about his rather large wife “Bargearse”, through to "tall tales but true" from the bush, Oscar certainly reminds us all what it means to be an Aussie.

This collection is definitely not for the weak hearted or the prudes.



Volume One – Just Oscar

Volume Two – Not So Suave

Volume Three – Everso Swarv

Volume Four – You’re A Pig Oscar

Volume Five – Swarver Than Ever

Plus Bonus Disc – Live at The Baysie

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