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Major Tom's Dublin

At seven o'clock one night our phone rang. On the other end was a more than affable chap with a strong Irish brogue. At first I thought it was Dermie (Brereton) messing around - wrong. It was Matt Hudson, the General Manager of Major Tom's Bar in Dublin, Ireland. Due to the number of ex-pat Aussies and tourists around Dublin, he had decided to do to Dublin what Australia has done to Ireland - open an Aussie bar. After numerous sessions on the net and telephone, Matt settled on a list of some 30 items, ranging from Aussie Rules through to Cricket. Not only does Major Tom's now exhibit some great Aussie Sporting memorabilia ( including a signed Bradman piece), they also stock some great COLD Aussie beers and wines. In the keeping of the true Aussie spirit, Matt put on an Anzac Day shindig, and couldn't work out why he ran out of Fosters - at 4.00 a.m. I guess his next big do will be an AFL Grand Final bash - although I must say, Matt came over to Oz for the Lions Rugby tour, got very cheeky before the last Test and then went home ...... very quietly. But if your in Dublin, go to Major Tom's and tell 'em Ossie sent ya !

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar and Bistro is a great little converted church situated in the bustling heart of Mornington, only 40 minutes from Melbourne. St. Kilda big man Peter "Spider" Everitt has shown a great deal of flair with the design, layout and themes of this ideally situated establishment. Despite the high ceilings, a certain warmth and attitude hit you when you first walk in. As well as a top menu and a wide range of beverages, the Temple boasts a vast array of Aussie sporting memorabilia. Ranging from Pharlap to Bradman, there are authentically signed pieces from all of you favourite sports to wander around and admire as you enjoy the great atmosphere and service. Despite the great pieces already adorning the walls, Spider is forever on the phone chasing up anything new or special. If you are in the area, pop in and have a browse - oh, and if there are any pieces you like - talk to Spider or Stewie and they will probably sell them to you.

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