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a-Tag is an independent organization, which provides a unique system of authenticating sports memorabilia. Using the latest global technologies available combined with a comprehensive database and registration system, a-Tag protects licensing bodies, sporting and other identities, manufacturers and consumers. The technologies used by a-Tag applied at the time of production means a-Tag:

  • Ensures the authenticity of products
  • Protects fraudulent copy
  • Provides on-going verification of the products authenticity
  • Ensures products realize their full potential value.

Providing protection will result in an increase in consumer confidence in your products.

Eliminating the ability of memorabilia to be copied or re-produced means a-Tag can prevent the loss of revenue from:

  • Devaluing of genuine products
  • Direct loss of income from a reduction in sales.

a-Tag is also a value added system which can be used in the marketing of your genuine licensed products.

The memorabilia industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in growth, which has also brought an increase in fraudulent activity. With extensive experience in the law enforcement area, a-Tag Directors John Viney and Damian Oehme, have witnessed this increase in memorabilia fraud over recent times.

a-Tag has a network of agents throughout Australia's major capital cities:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Brisbane

The Australia Football League, one of Australia's largest sporting bodies, has endorsed the a-Tag system, contracting a-Tag Authenticated as the official body for the authentication of all AFL memorabilia.

Through the licensing arm of the AFL, Elite Sports Properties, a-Tag has authenticated thousands of items of AFL sporting memorabilia which have been sold to satisfied customers Australia wide.

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