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We at Memorabilia Online understand that the privacy of your personal information and of your credit card details are a great concern to you.  This is why we have made your security and privacy our major concern.

Our site uses the latest 128bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt your credit card details, thus keeping them safe between yourself and Memorabilia Online.  When you enter the secure part of our site SSL will activate automatically and you will see the little padlock or unbroken key appear in the bottom of your browser.

The authenticity of our site has been established by Thawte and you are welcome to view our certificate by double clicking on the little padlock icon, which appears in the bottom of your browser when you are accessing the secure part of our site.

Our Payments Page is hosted by National Secure Internet Payment Services (N-SIPS).  N-SIPS provides security and privacy for both the customer and the merchant.  The customer provides their credit card details directly to the National, and the merchant receives an approval code from the National, for payments.  This minimizes the disclosure of the customer's information and provides a layer of confidentiality to the transaction.

A very significant aspect of N-SIPS design is the security mechanism that greatly improves security and privacy of credit card payment transactions conducted over the internet.

N-SIPS uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL 3.0) encryption technology to secure communication sessions with customers and merchants.  Using firewalls in front of the Payment Gateway (N-SIPS) and within the system, it restricts access to information regarding the payment transactions.

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